Destiny Solutions and Direct Capital offer you options for your financing needs.

Direct Capital


True Lease – Provides the ability to write off 100% of payment each month as an expense to the business, however; in order to do so you’ll have the option at the end of the lease to turn the equipment back in OR pay a residual to own the equipment, the residual will be determined by Fair Market Value at the time of the buyout and should not exceed 20% of the original equipment cost.

Capital Lease – Dollar Buyout OR Equipment Finance Agreement – with both of these end of lease options, the customer will be assuming ownership from the beginning.  They will either pay a dollar at the end of the lease to own the equipment OR set it up as an EFA where there is no residual and no buyout, upon completion of the payments, 100% ownership is automatically transferred to the customer.  There is no option to write off the payments like a True Lease.


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