220K – Pro220K Advanced Tone & Probe Kit

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Product Description

Cutting edge technology including;

  • LED Probe Headlight for Dark Areas.
  • AC Noise Rejection Filter to Greatly Reduce Buzzing and Humming from Electrical Sources.
  • Metal/Plastic Combination Tip to Give Maximum Response but Still Protect Sensitive Hardware.
  • AA Battery Power Lasts for 250+ Hours of Operation.

The Pro220K Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe kit is designed to help contractors easily identify the termination point of any wire. The Pro220K Advanced Tone and Probe Kit pinpoints where a particular wire or cable terminates at the far end of the cable.

How Does the Pro220K Advanced AC Filtered Tone and Probe Kit Work?

  • The tone generator Model Pro110 is connected to a wire at one end using the attached alligator clips or RJ11 plug and activated.
  • The tone probe Model Pro210F Advanced Filter Tone Probe is then taken to the other end of the wire, activated and used to locate the beep-beep-beep signal of the Pro110.
  • The wire making the loudest signal is the one connected to the tone generator, and therefore that particular wire’s termination point is identified.
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