8831- Locating System

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Product Description

The 8831 cable, pipe, and fault locator is a rugged active and passive locator designed to last through years of tough field use. A pioneer in low frequency locators, Rycom Instruments®, Inc. has long believed the best combination for accurate locating is a low frequency signal applied via a direct connection. Low frequency electromagnetic fields generated by the 8831 are virtually confined to their conductor, greatly reducing the risk of interference and ghosting in crowded areas. Under ideal conditions, the powerful 8831 can trace a line for up to 25 miles. This saves you time and money by reducing the need to repeatedly relocate the transmitter.

Set up is quick and easy. In one step, the transmitter power can be matched to the resistance of the cable or pipe being traced and verified via the meter. Connect the 8831 receiver probe to the highly sensitive receiver and follow the audio and visual cues to trace the line.

The receiver alerts the user to the underground electromagnetic field with audible tones and a large easy to read meter. A 45 bubble on the receiver probe helps with precise depth measurements using the triangulation method. Attach an optional “A-frame” ground return probe to the receiver, and the 8831 becomes a fault locator. The 8831 transmitter case is also a convenient storage compartment that is big enough to carry the receiver, headset, test cords, ground rod and even an optional Flexicoupler.

Work the way you want using the AM/FM/OFF switch to determine how the audio will be heard. The AM (amplitude modulation) setting creates a loud-to-soft tone while the FM (frequency modulation) setting creates a low-to-high pitch change through the speaker. Plug in the headset to block out traffic and noise interference to precisely work the area for the most accurate locate possible.

Whether locating telephone pairs, gas transmission lines, gas service, CATV drops, water pipes, or power cables, the 8831 is an economical and dependable solution for companies of all sizes.

  • 1 active 815 Hz frequency
  • 1 passive 50/60 frequency
  • Powerful 3 watt tracing signal is reliable for direct connection, transmitter and coupled induction
  • Fault finding capable when used with the optional A-frame
  • Choose rechargeable 12 volt sealed lead acid battery or dual 6 volt lantern pack
  • Made in the U.S.A.


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