DA-12 – Hydraulic Low Pressure 4″ Cable Cutter

The DA-12 hydraulic hand-held, cable cutter can be operated directly from the utility line truck. At 2,500 psi pressure it can cut four-inch lead sheath cables as well as 4200 pair communications cables. A 6 ton cutting force is produced at 2,500 psi pressure, less than 2,500 psi will reduce the cutting capacity. It operates on open center trucks and comes with HTMA couplers.; The four inch jaws slice through lead, copper and aluminum cables cleanly and without jamming because of the double-acting system. The DA-12 is portable, with non-slip, knurled handles and a safety ring. It has a positive open and close position and a special built-in safety trigger. It stops when you stop.


  • Operates on 2500 psi
  • 4” Jaw Opening
  • Safety Trigger
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