EP-60WA – 60 Ton Compression Head (Steel)

The EP-60WA is the lightest single acting 60 ton press in the industry that is designed to compress sleeves and lugs on ACSR and ACAR transmission and distribution cables. They are also ideal for substation construction and are operable from any 10,000 psi pumping source with proper oil capacity. These tools are made to be portable for easy maneuverability, unlike other brands.; The EP-60WA can be operated, utilizing the oblong lifting ring with use of a lifting rig. The EP-60WA series will readily accept any shell type dies currently used with Alcoa or Burndy 60 ton presses. Dies not listed can be made to specification; consult Huskie for more information.; The EP-60WA series is also offered in titanium. Titanium has the strength of steel but weighs nearly 30 percent less. Due to its lighter weight and the tool’s portable design, the chance of back and muscle strain is greatly reduced. The titanium 60 ton press is easily maneuvered where heavy steel presses are almost impossible to operate, making it an ideal tool for jobs such as helicopter line installations.; NOTE: When using any of these high-pressure tools, always use 10,000 psi rated non-conductive hose (NC-16 series).


  • Designed for ACSR & ACAR Transmission and Distribution Cable
  • Lightest 60 Ton Presses in the Industry
  • Ultra Light Titanium Model Available
  • Extremely Portable
  • Other Specifications
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