EP-750HA – 6.2 Ton Flip-Top Dieless Remote Crimping Head – 1.5” Jaw Opening

The Huskie EP-750HA dieless, Anderson style head has a flip-top opening and a pull-pin locking mechanism to accept larger connectors up to 750 MCM. Output force is 6.2 tons, and 10,000 psi external pumping source is required. The EP-750HA is supplied with a 3/8” male, screw type coupler and a carrying case.; NOTE: THE EP-750HA was designed to crimp Anderson style connectors, and other brand connectors manufactured to ANSI C119.4.


  • *Designed to Crimp Anderson Connectors &Other Brand Mfg. to ANSI C119.4
  • Flip-Top Head Design
  • Eliminates the Need for Dies
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