FTE1700 – 32/30dB Economy OTDR

The U.S. made FTE-1700 has all the features of the FTE-7000, but with the added feature of bluetooth operation. The FTE-1700 may be operated over Bluetooth with the free Android app.

This Android OTDR is one of the most affordable OTDRs on the market today. This unit is equipped with Bluetooth for use with any compatible Android device operating 2.2 or newer operating system, having bluetooth capability. This unit is available in 1310/1550nm, 850/1300 dual wave, single wave or quad wavelength configurations. This OTDR comes standard with a video scope (for use with optional VIS300 video probe) and power meter.

Operate the OTDR either from either the onboard keypad or use your Android phone or tablet. The Android application allows for more mobility, offers a more powerful file management system, Geo- tagging of files, easy file sharing as well as a display limited only by the size of your Android device.

The FTE-1700 has a 32/30 dB dynamic range with a 2 meter dead zone. Testing is made simple and fast with the press of the Autotest button. Examine the trace using the straight forward zoom feature and A/B cursor selection button or quickly zero in on events with the powerful event selection feature.

The FTE-1700 OTDR’s abundant dynamic range and a 2 meter dead zone, makes it ideal for links up to 240km as well as being perfect for short LAN links within the facility and FTTA/FTTH applications.

Trace analysis and reporting is fast and easy with the Pass/Fail feature, onboard event table or the supplied Telcordia SR4731 software with multi-trace, macro bend and bi-directional capability. The OTDR has on board storage of 1000 traces with the ability to download traces directly to your computer via USB cable. If you use your android phone or tablet, storage is only limited by your removable drive or cloud storage capabilities.

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Product Description

Data Sheet: FTE-1700

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