FTE6100 – Tunable Laser Source

The Terahertz Technologies FTE-6100 PRO-Net Hand Held Tuneable Laser Source (TLS) is available with up to 96 Channels in the “C” Band. This Tunable Laser Source is manufactured in our rugged splash proof housing with a highly protective boot. Our TLS displays in wavelength, frequency or ITU channel. The Tuneable Laser Source is a great match with our FTE-8100 (Hand Held Optical Spectrum Analyzer) for installation, commissioning and trouble shooting of DWDM networks.

The FTE-6100 offers a fast start up with minimal warm up required and provides very stable wavelength and power outputs. The FTE-6100 PRO-Net also incorporates an IEC61300 Auto Pass/Fail/Centering Fiber Inspector (probe sold separately) and a Visible Fault Locator. As with all of our advanced tests equipment series, the FTE-6100 is affordable, easy to use and rugged. Ask about our kit offerings, such as the FTE-8610 Combo Kit.

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