FTE7500A-CWDM-12 – Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)

The FTE7500A-CWDM-12 offers up to 12 CWDM Wavelengths in a Single OTDR. These OTDRs may be ordered with 8, 10 or even 12 CWDM wavelengths. Standard units include 1471-1611nm for 8 wavelengths and 1431-1611nm for 10 wavelengths or configure a 12 wavelength unit using the 1471-1611nm 8 wavelength unit and add 4 additional wavelengths of your choice. Test a fiber at 1, 2 or up to 12 wavelengths with the touch of just one button. The Fault Finder mode uses one button to scan a fiber under test, with the OTDR choosing the best parameters at the selected wavelength and displaying the event analysis.

The onboard Broadband Power Meter is calibrated at up to 12 CWDM wavelengths to match the OTDR configuration. The FTE7500A-CWDM may also be used as a CW light source. Select any of the configured wavelengths as a CW light source for commissioning or for loss test with the onboard Power Meter.

The CertSoft Software Suite, project reporting and documentation is fast and easy with the supplied CertSoft reporting software. Reports can include trace graph, schematic and table analysis, loss test table and connector image.

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Product Description

Data Sheet: FTE-7500A-CWDM

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