GMP70440 – Vertical Angle Adapter (for single row corner blocks only)

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Product Description

Includes: * S123M12-V2 Splice Body * HCC-01 Hard Carrying Case * S218R Thermal Stripper * S326A One-Action Precision Cleaver * S712A-012 12-Ribbon Fiber Holders (pair) * S122-X-A-0008 Fiber Reformer (pair) * S943B Li-ion Battery (Total 2 pcs) * S976B AC Adapter for S123M * S969 Spare Electrodes * D5111 Electrode Cleaning Disk * FPF-01 Fiber Preparation Fluid * FW-01 Fiber Wipes * VGC-01 V-Groove Cleaning Brush” 3 YEAR WARRANTY

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