Hydraulic Oil

Huskie Tools offers replacement Hydraulic Oil in three sizes for any service needs. We offer Shell Tellus T-15 and Shell Tellus S2V15 clear hydraulic fluid. This shell product can be used in all of our hydraulic products. This fluid can also be added to other clear hydraulic fluids for filling or topping off a hydraulic circuit. We also sell Mobile Aero HFA red hydraulic oil. Do not mix with other red or blue colored hydraulic fluids as this will “gel” and cause the tool or pump to malfunction. A complete MSDS is available from Huskie Tools upon request.; HF-5G: 5 Gallon Container; HF-1G: 1 Gallon Container; HF-1Q: Quart Container; HF-5GRED: Red Hydraulic Fluid for Low Temperatures; HF-1GRED: Red Hydraulic Fluid 1 Gallon; HG-1QRED: Red Hydraulic Fluid Quart

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