NC-SERIES – 10,000 psi High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Our high pressure, non-conductive NC-SERIES hoses and couplers are rated at 10,000 psi working pressure. The hose ends are covered with a thick clear jacket of heavy duty shrink wrap to reduce the risk of hose bursts at these points. They are also date coded during assembly. As a result of injuries sustained by operators of hydraulic products via broken or damaged high pressure hoses Huskie has developed a replacement hose improvement program for our customers. Consult your representative for information. Our hoses come standard with 3/8″ male/female couplers.; NOTE: FOR OPERATOR SAFETY WE RECOMMEND HOSE REPLACEMENT AFTER 3 YEARS.


  • Features
  • Highly Visible Safety Orange
  • Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap at Hose Ends for
  • Date Coded at Point of Assembly
  • Order Data
  • NC-1606: 3/16” x 6’
  • NC-1610: 3/16” x 10’
  • NC-1615: 3/16” x 15’
  • NC-1620: 3/16” x 20’
  • NC-1625: 3/16” x 25’
  • NC-450: 1/4” x 50’ (1/4” NPT Standard Ends)
  • 3/8” NPT hose ends standard. 1/4” NPT also available. Any combination of high pressure couplers are available. Simply specify the kind you require when ordering.
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