RDG-30 – 30′ Glow Rod Kit 3/16″ Diameter

30′ Glow Rod Kit 3/16″ Diameter extends a full 30 feet. These glow rods (made of luminescent fiberglass) are designed to provide splinter free use over the life of the product while also providing excellent flexibility. The luminescence of the rods is brighter and lasts longer than the competition. The metal ends of the rods are glued and crimped to provide superior strength. The threads on the metal ends are standard 8-32 so the rods and accessories can be used with many other manufacturers glow rods.


The Jonard Tools’ RDG-30 Glow Rod Kit includes:

  • Six 5 foot long Rods, 3/16″ diameter, for greater flexibility
  • Eyelet
  • Ball Chain attachment
  • Wisk
  • Hook
  • Kit packaged in clear reusable plastic tube
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