REC-54GRB – Gear-Driven Ground Rod Bender

The REC-54GRB is a heavy duty copper ground rod bender, primarily used in substations to ground structures and equipment. 4/0 or other size copper used for typical methods of substation grounding can easily be cut and stolen. The REC-54GRB allows you to bend 5/8” ground rods around concrete footings and attach structures directly to the grounding grid while also making it much harder to cut and steal.; The REC-54GRB is clearly marked to make 30, 45, 60 & 90 degree bends but any degree bend is obtainable by feathering the tool to the desired position. The smooth rolling guides allow the ground rod to roll while making a bend so that the copper cladding on the ground rod remains intact without any scuff marks or rippling in the cladding which could cause the ground rod not to perform correctly.

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