TWAS-71630 – Torque Wrench, Speed Head, 7/16″, 30 in/lb

Torque Wrench Speed Head is designed to act like a ratcheting wrench. The tool skips over the corners of the bolt or nut being turned so no repositioning of the tool is required (allowing continuous turning).

Designed for “F” Connectors, these wrenches help prevent over tightening. An audible click tells you the connection has been properly achieved. These wrenches all have angle heads, sized for 7/16″ F connectors and are designed with an ergonomic cushioned handle for user comfort and protection. These wrenches work in tightening mode only.. Torque wrenches are configured for 30 in./lb. (3.39 in Newton Meters) covering most manufacturers’ recommended torque requirements for their F connectors.

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