VIPERMAG – Pipe and Cable Locator

ViperMag is the only pipe and cable locator in it’s class that combines active locating frequencies with a ferrous metal detector in one device. This streamlines the locating process by eliminating the need for an operator to carry two devices in the field. ViperMag is the perfect tool for municipalities and utility locators.

With a user friendly menu, ViperMag is very simple to use. Equipped with a 1-watt transmitter and useful frequencies to locate underground utilities, the transmitter can be used in a direct connect application or inductive if a direct access point isn’t available. In direct connect applications the available frequencies are 512 Hz, 8.19 kHz, 83 kHz. A passive power 60 Hz frequency is available for detecting the presence of active power cables, and push-button depth will tell you the approximate depth of the utility. ViperMag’s ferrous metal detector is a highly sensitive and discriminating instrument designed to locate magnetic and ferrous materials while rejecting non-magnetic material such as aluminum cans. All of this in one device at an affordable price.

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